Problems Related to Crime and Violence

Gangs and Gang Violence

Gangs are a social problem because of the violence they cause in communities and because of the long-term deleterious effects that membership has on individuals who belong to gangs.

What is a Gang?

Who is sneaking fentanyl across the southern border?

There are no consensus definitions for gangs, gang members, and gang crimes, though the strengths and challenges of popular definitions  develop from core structural problems and individuals join gangs as a result of a variety of socioecological factors.

Meanwhile, gang violence occurs due to complex interplays between individuals and gangs. This chapter will delve into the historical development of gangs. Theoretical explanations for gang formation, gang joining, and gang desistence are examined along with the use of violence. Finally, attention is given to prevention of gangs, gang membership, and gang violence.

What do you think?

Better safe then sorry

Control Your Position. When faced with a gang of people it is wise not to stand directly in the middle of the group that are confronting you. If the opportunity arises try to position yourself closer to one of the individuals confronting you and further away from the rest of their gang.

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